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KISH DOLLS - Riley, Ellery, Bethany, Lark

+++Many collectable dolls

Betsy McCall - StrawBerina - Tiny BJD dolls.

JDL Doll Clothes makes handmade outfits for many collectable 5" - 14" dolls.  

All handmade and designed by JDL Doll Clothes
Each doll outfit displayed in the gallery have been purchased by collectors of Riley and friends, Tiny 8" Betsy McCall, StrawBerina 8" BJD, Kish baby dolls - Ellery, very tiny BJD 5-6" dolls and Kish 12" Bethany dolls and Kish 14" Lark dolls. 

Expertly Crocheted Doll Clothes 

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Always Crocheted Without A Pattern!





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