My Mind’s Eye Gallery

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My Mind’s Eye Gallery

JDL Doll Clothes will be adding photos often. Follow links links below.

My Mind’s Eye Gallery has been organized with a specific idea in ‘Mind’. 

It is a gallery where we will be displaying many of the thousands of doll clothes 
outfits we have created over the years for Riley Kish and friends. 

Most photos include 7 1/2" Helen Kish dolls such as 
Riley, Tulah, Avery, Zsu Zse, Pipi, Jada, Anjuli, DJ.

 We appreciate all of our customers and the 
clever the people who have inspired us.

 ~ Thank You  ~

All of JDL's,  “Only One Of Its Kind”,  outfits displayed in the gallery 
have been previously sold and purchased by collectors.

Many collectors will see their past purchase or purchases 
for their Kish doll on display.

 We will continue to keep our promise never duplicate a Kish doll outfit. 
It’s actually impossible!

Our artistic endeavors will remain just that, artistic endeavors.
Therefore, we are sorry to say, we do not have time to take custom orders.

If you would like to ‘plant a seed’, visit our Guess Book.
Or click on Wish-I-Had-A-Nickel links to make a wish. 
We would enjoy hearing from you.

JDL Doll Clothes will continue to sell doll clothes for Helen Kish Dolls on Ebay.
If there is an interest in making a purchase, please visit 
JDL on Ebay to view our on-going weekly assortment of 
handmade JDL Doll Clothes

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 JDL's Handmade Doll Clothes 
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My Minds Eye Gallery

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