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~ Just For Collectors ~
Created by the hands of expert crocheting, sewing, and pattern making 
and who's mind is bounding with ideas. Who, without 
having shared, none of this would be possible.
Delicate & Skillfully Fashioned ~
Created by the hands who has brainstormed  
all of this fun!
Loving & Uniquely Designed ~
Created by the hands that distinctively makes
every outfit complete.


Follow your inspirations
Where ever they may lead.

       Not to be distracted       
 Shelter them,
Nourish them,
Help them grow.
They're held deep, down deep where dreams grow.

Follow your dreams,
Pursue them with haste.
Life is too precious, too precious to waste.

Be faithful,
Be loyal in all the day through
and your inspirations and dreams that you follow
will ultimately come true.

by Anonymous  

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                                         Blue Crochet

JDL has been inspired, in our opinion, by the sweetest
doll ever created who's name is ~
Riley Kish

Riley and all doll's modeling JDL's creations are created by Helen Kish for Kish and Company. Without Helen Kish and her "fine collectable dolls" 
our photographs would not be possible

Visit My Mind's Eye Gallery which contains our photographs of outfits JDL has made that have been sold and purchased by collectors. 

Be inspired, as others have inspired us.

Our gallery contains photographs of JDL "Only One Of Its Kind" outfits for Kish dolls.
Riley, Tulah, Avery, Zsu Zse, Pipi, Jada, Anjuli, DJ, Ellery,
Bitty Bethany, Brynne, Lark, Raven, and Wren

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